Recently I have been thinking a lot about taking some pictures that remind people about Vietnam of the old time (the 80s and 90s). I and Nhung, a 19 years old photographer, tried to reappear the beauty of old sights with film ( I always love the way film pulls back time by its color and grain).
When I had this idea, I wanted to make a connection between old and new, between past and present. Then I decided to choose some dresses from the latest collection of CHULA (The Mid-Autumn Collection) to create amazing looks for our photoshoot. These dresses are colorful, spontaneous, creative, crazy but still elegant, they may be oriental and western at the same time, but clearly bearing the stamp of Vietnamese culture. Although I am a black-and-white lover, but I must say that these designs are so beautiful and so special and so Vietnam that and I can’t help myself from falling in love with them.

About CHULA: CHULA is a fashion brand founded by Diego Cortizas del Valle and his wife, Laura, in Hanoi since 2004. I think the highlights in their designs is the love for Vietnam. They create morden clothing that based on Vietnamese traditional clothing forms and details like Ao – dai or H’mong clothes . They can bring any signature of life in Vietnam into their designs, and more than that, they bring happiness, colorful life and sense of humor to people. CHULA’s designs prove their philosophy: CHULA is more than fashion.
What I love the most about CHULA is that they really love Vietnam so much and they always try hard to preserve and promote Vietnamese culture. As a Vietnamese, I admire them and I am inspired by their philosophy. Diego said, “Vietnam is a very powerful culture, but at the same time is facing modernity. We would like to combine both things. It’s good that the country is changing and growing, but at the same time it’s good to not lose the tradition and not lose in fashion what makes Vietnam special from other countries… Don’t lose the roots.” In this post, please let me take the honor to represent Vietnamese young generation to say thank to Diego and Laura – thank you for everything you do for Vietnam.

Now let’s enjoy our beautiful pictures: A journey back to the roots with CHULA. The photoshoot was taken around Dong Xuan Market – an old market of Hanoi, and some old corners around the city.

2015-10-22 17-22-23_2327

2015-10-22 17-27-35_2318

2015-10-22 17-27-29_2317

2015-10-22 17-26-24_2309

2015-10-22 17-26-40_2313 copy

2015-10-22 17-26-04_2304

2015-10-22 17-20-15_2309

2015-10-22 17-20-21_2310

2015-10-22 17-19-54_2307

2015-10-22 17-20-40_2313

2015-10-22 17-21-02_2316

2015-10-22 17-21-44_2321

2015-10-22 17-22-09_2325

2015-10-22 17-16-32_2296


2015-10-22 17-16-36_2297

2015-10-22 17-19-23_2302

2015-10-22 17-19-42_2305


I was wearing:

CHULA Dresses
aN shoes
ASOS eyewear

Photo by Nhung H Nguyen.

And for those who are interested in CHULA: You can find out more about CHULA through this amazing short film from the young director Hoang-anh Q. Nguyen:


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